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Equifax Workforce Solutions, an Equifax business unit, is a trusted leader in meeting the evolving HR, talent acquisition, tax management and compliance needs of employers. Equifax delivers an easy, effortless experience to clients with consistent execution, market-leading innovation and deep expertise in the industries we serve.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

We make HR compliance management and income and employment verifications easier. For decades Equifax Workforce Solutions has helped HR work smarter. From responding to income and employment verifications, to helping with hiring tax creditswe leverage unique data assets and technology with market-leading innovation to make your job easier. 

Our Work Opportunity Tax Credit proprietary technology integrates with Avionté to provide a seamless and consistent user experience. 

Optimize your tax screening effectiveness 

Our mobile-friendly, proprietary SmartScreening process helps remove confusing barriers that routinely cause new hires to incorrectly disqualify themselves. 

Improve your new hire experience 

Our WOTC Management solution more seamlessly integrates into your applicant or onboarding process, making it easier and more likely that new hires complete WOTC screening. 

Remove your managers’ documentation fulfilment burden 

Our team helps with obtaining certification documentation for you. In 97% of the cases, our EasyDoc™ systems provide 100% of the documentation without burdening your managers or employees. 

Simplify your complex monitoring and management 

Advanced reporting provides insights to help maximize WOTC tax credits and NowCast™ provides 24/7 real-time forecasting tools to help you plan while powerful KPI reports help uncover additional tax credit opportunities.