Avionté Partner - Essential StaffCare

Essential StaffCARE is the largest provider of ACA-compliant health plans and supplemental employee benefits to the staffing industry. Serving over 1,500 staffing company clients and enrolling over 750,000 temporary employees annually, ESC offers ACA-compliant MEC plans, fully-insured Major Medical plans, supplemental Fixed Indemnity plans, comprehensive enrollment, and ACA audit technology solutions.

Did You Know? Essential StaffCARE has a robust integration inside the Avionte platform. Our insurance and enrollment solutions can be utilized directly through the Avionte portal you already use. Leveraging these turnkey services not only streamlines your process, but adds a layer of protection by electronically documenting 100% of your on-boarding, offer-of-coverage and enrollment activity.



Did You Know? The popularity of voluntary benefits is skyrocketing in the wake of the Coronavirus. As both employers and employees search for affordable healthcare solutions, voluntary benefits that cover everyday medical needs are providing the answer. The ESC Fixed Indemnity plan delivers effective coverage at extremely low cost, and requires no contribution from employers. 

Did You Know? Healthcare is the most sought-after benefit employers can provide to their workforce. CareerBuilder.com reports that 87% of today’s workers cite healthcare as the number one “perk” they’re looking for in a position. Employers who offer Essential StaffCARE benefits have seen substantial improvement in employee retention, morale, loyalty, attitude, engagement and absenteeism. 


Did You Know? ESC offers the lowest total cost for maintaining compliance under the Affordable Care Act. Our portfolio of products are designed to work together, delivering the coverage requirements of the ACA while providing attractive, affordable, effective healthcare solutions to employees. ESC plans can be structured at little or no cost to employers, while providing protection from expensive tax penalties at the same time. 

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