Avionté Partners - Liberty Screening Services

Liberty Screening’s unique online application affords them the flexibility to meet the needs of staffing professionals, allowing organizations the ability to leverage your ATS solution with the most comprehensive screening services in the industry.

Efficient Processing – Fast Turnaround Time

Powered by our own internal web application, LESA helps our clients make hiring decisions faster. Receive real-time email notifications delivered to your inbox on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. LESA is powered with efficiency in mind, helping you accelerate the hiring process.

Stress-free Provider Switch

With over 20 years of experience, Liberty Screening has devolved a project management foundation that is one of our biggest strengths. Our history and experience have taught us that hard work and time invested in the initial setup results in a significantly smoother startup, noticeable reduction in downtime and client frustration. Liberty’s innovative plan to establish accounts begins with HR, IT and Accounting to ensure secure deliverables that meet the end goals of your entire company.

Accurate Reporting

Liberty performs continuous quality improvement programs to ensure we deliver accurate information that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. Receive timely, meaningful results that carefully follow all municipal, state and federal requirements for the employee screening industry.