Avionté Partner - NextCrew

NextCrew provides best-in-class workforce management solutions including scheduling, mobile geo-fencing, and time management. NextCrew allows you to streamline the most time-consuming aspects of your workforce management to provide increased operational efficiency across your staffing company.

Founded in 2012, NextCrew began with a vision of helping staffing agencies innovate traditional staffing business models through digital transformation. 
In this ever-growing gig economy, workforce management technology must be fluid and adapt alongside behavioral changes and the growing demands of a multidimensional ecosystem. 
We have been fortunate to partner with forward-thinking clients across many verticals of staffing to evolve and expand our innovative white label on-demand staffing solutions.

Next Crew and Avionte hrselfservice

Next Crew and Avionte workforcescheduling

Digitize Workforce Management 

  • Automate time-consuming processes such as onboarding, timesheets, scheduling, and communication 
  • Empower employees to manage their profiles and work 
  • Keep credentials and records accurate and up-to-date 
  • Connect all your apps to NextCrew using our open API 

Find the Right Talent Faster 

  • Match the right people to jobs based on location, skill set, and availability 
  • Alert your crew based on their preferred communication method – Text, Email, Mobile App 
  • Prioritize your best talent based on rating and client preference 

Next Crew and Avionte timesheetwithgeofencing

Next Crew and Avionte dailyoperation

Scheduling & Time Tracking 

  • -Manage employee schedules efficiently based on location, availability, and skillset 
  • Effective communication through integrated email, text, mobile app 
  • Leverage geofencing capability to capture accurate time 

Innovate Your Staffing Processes 

  • Streamline your unique processes leveraging dynamic workflows 
  • Reduce duplicate data entry and errors by connecting with the systems which are best for your business. 
  • Deploy branded white-label solution at a fraction of the cost of building your own 
  • Our unique technology brings you to the forefront of innovation at fraction of a cost 

Next Crew and Avionte bireporting

NextCrew is a cloud-based platform that provides on-demand staffing technology to modernize the workforce management and reduce the cost of staffing.