Avionté Partners - The Work Number from Equifax

The Work Number® from Equifax delivers an automated verification solution that streamlines the transfer of information between employers and verifiers, ultimately benefiting the employee by helping to create a secure and accelerated decision process.

The Work Number® from Equifax

We make HR compliance management and income and employment verifications easier. For decades Equifax Workforce Solutions has helped HR work smarter. From responding to income and employment verifications, to helping with hiring tax credits, we leverage unique data assets and technology with market-leading innovation to make your job easier. 

The Work Number® from Equifax provides automated and secure employment and income verifications for your employees when they need it most.  This no-cost benefit accelerates the decision process improving opportunities for credit, loans, and government assistance.  

Reduce manual HR tasks 

The Work Number automates the transfer of payroll information, provided by Avionté, between employers and verifiers, reducing manual HR tasks allowing you to stay focused on your business 

Maintain employee privacy 

No-cost benefit helps maintain employee privacy as the employer is removed from transactions in their personal lives 

Robust security controls 

Employee information is protected by robust security controls to be accessed only by credentialed verifiers with a permissible purpose, and with employee consent, fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act 

Mitigate risk  

Verification is secure, standardized, and consistent, to help mitigate the risk of manual verifications