Looking for ways to save time, reduce errors, and improve customer relationships? Staffing agency billing software from Avionté can help your agency meet these goals.

Faster Invoicing Cycles Improve Business Performance

Billing is necessary for any successful business, but it is also a detail-oriented, time-intensive task that pulls staff away from other priorities. With the right staffing agency billing software, however, you can automate routine tasks, track details efficiently, and save time.

Avionté’s billing software automatically creates and emails invoices each month, ending the hassle and headache of manual processes and costly mistakes. The software eliminates the risk of introducing errors into invoices, improving accuracy. It tracks data automatically, so human resources professionals and other staff can quickly determine whether an invoice was sent, at what time, what the invoice covered, and other details.

Communicate With Customers

Your customers will appreciate automated invoicing as well. When staffing agency billing software like Avionté’s takes care of invoicing, your customers don’t have to worry about tracking down an invoice from any given time period. Nor do they have to spend time addressing errors that may have crept in when invoices were completed manually.

Staffing agency billing software improves the customer experience by making it easy for customers to understand payment terms and meet them. When billing is frictionless, customers find it easier to meet their obligations without losing focus on the quality of their relationship with their staffing provider. With electronic, personalized invoicing, you will provide an exceptional customer experience, every single time.


Invoice Styles

Need different invoices for different clients, situations, or time periods? Set your agency apart from the competition with flexible invoice styling that addresses all your unique client invoicing needs.

Avionté’s staffing agency billing software allows users to choose among a wide range of different invoice styles. These style choices make it easy to communicate information effectively, track key details, and keep your organization top of mind when customers respond to your invoices and other communications.

The Future of Invoicing 

For decades, billing has been a repetitive, detail-oriented task. Companies that don’t send out timely, accurate bills rapidly face cash flow and other financial issues, but investment in the time and talent required to produce accurate invoicing every time could also pose a challenge.

Today, software makes accurate, timely billing easier than ever. The right staffing agency billing software automates the repetitive, detail-oriented work of creating and sending invoices. Companies that rely on this software gain the confidence that they’re communicating accurately and effectively with their clients regarding payment. They have immediate access to recordkeeping that reflects the invoices sent.

As automation improves the billing process, staff members who once invested hours of their workweek into generating and sending invoices can now turn their attention to other tasks. Your staffing agency team, for instance, can spend more time building relationships with clients and job-seekers, expanding and deepening your understanding of the industry and areas you serve, so you can make better connections between clients and talent.

Avionté’s staffing agency billing software eliminates the need to spend human attention on invoicing, so that human attention can be spent building human relationships – the heart of every staffing agency’s work.

If your team seeks ways to reduce errors, improve recordkeeping, and find the time and energy to invest in essential relationship-building, staffing agency billing software can help.

“Avionté Software resolved a lot of our issues as well as helped us achieve significant efficiencies and cost reductions.”

Bill Ehrmantraut
OmniSource Staffing

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