Avionte 13.1: An Overview of New Release Updates and Additions

It has been one month since the official release of the newest version of Avionté Staffing Software, 13.1. Our development team works hard to ensure each new release has plenty of new features and enhancements – and  this version  includes a large variety updates and additions. From ACA tracking and support features to an Avionté online help system and overtime plan enhancements, our newest version takes Avionté tracking and data organization to a new level.

Our release highlights include Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) updates, employer contributions, Canadian support enhancements, our integration with the background check provider Sterling, an online help system, E-docs, dependency check features and overtime plan enhancements. Let me help you sort through all that’s new in our newest software release:

–   Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) updates: To help staffing companies prepare for upcoming ACA requirements, these new software features include reporting, data capture, and the ability to track compliance and data integrity.

–   Employer contributions: A new contribution subsection is now available in Employee Payroll for ACA support/preparation.

–   Canadian support enhancements: The Employer (Supplier) and Branch (Site) setups in Admin Tools and fields in the Agency, Contact, Customer, and Employee sections have been enhanced to better support Canada by including related Canadian label terminology.

–   Sterling integration: Avionté now integrates with Sterling™ Infosystems’ Background Screening service, which processes requested employee backgrounds.

–   New Avionté online help systems: The Avionté core application and the web portals now include a link to the new HTML-based online help system, which includes help topics for the new features and enhancements found in this release, as well as many existing features of Avionté.

–   Edocument enhancements: In E-docs, our audit logging was strengthened.

–   Dependency check feature: A new diagnostic feature is being used to make sure that the Avionté core application and Avionté web portals are matched up with the proper database version, as well as versions for any third-party software applications you may have installed that are used with Avionté.

–   Overtime plan enhancements: Our overtime plan functionality was enhanced to provide the ability to add new plans, configured by Avionté.

As they should, our U.S. development team and our developers in Nepal both celebrated the release of 13.1 with team get-togethers after work. The development team met at our Product Manager Mike Ferrazzo’s house for food and drinks and our Nepal team went out to toast over happy hour. Congratulations to all who were involved in this release!

Our U.S. Development team celebrating 13.1.

Our U.S. Development team celebrating 13.1.

Our team in Nepal, out celebrating!

For more information about 13.1, contact us at 1-877-428-4668.

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