Just Google It!

Angela Pitts

A while back I wrote a blog about what your job postings tell. Often, when I see a job posted on a staffing service site I am curious to know who it’s for. In many cases it takes just a minute to figure out. Want to take a shot?  Sure you do! Go to your competitor’s site and look at their postings, can you spot the ones that look like the client wrote them? Copy a section and paste it into Google. Now you can contact the client and try to fill the order. Think your competition isn’t doing the same? What about your applicants?

If you aren’t rewriting your posts, chances are there is another recruiter out there waiting to jump on the opportunity.  This begs the question, why aren’t you rewriting before you post?  In most ATS or staffing software you can have an internal and external description.

Why do you think your client’s description is the best?  Most job descriptions are just that, descriptions.  They are not written as recruitment tools.  I participated in Lou Adlers Recruiter Bootcamp, and  one of the best tips I learned was to eliminate job descriptions.  Candidates don’t care about all the information HR thinks makes a good description, they want to know what they get to do, what kinds of projects they will be involved in and who they will get to work with. Write a post like that and the right candidates will apply and your competition can’t Google it!

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