Avionte Employees Attend Presentation on the ACA

On Tuesday, many Avionté employees attended an informative session, organized to provide attendees with insight on how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could affect staffing firms and customers. The event was put on by the Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association (MNRSA) and was held at the Ridgedale Library Community Room in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

The presenter at the event was John Rutledge, Vice President of Assurance Agency Ltd., who works as a Senior Benefits Consultant and Broker with the firm’s Staffing Practice and is widely recognized as an expert on the Affordable Care Act, and on how it could impact staffing agencies.

“It’s a new world with the Affordable Care Act,” Rutledge said as he began his presentation. “And I’m going to ask you to view it pragmatically … But I think you’ll walk away from this meeting, saying, ‘there may be some hope after all.’”

Vice President at Assurance Agency John Rutledge speaks at MNRSA event.

Vice President at Assurance Agency John Rutledge speaks at MNRSA event.

Approximately 80 staffing and recruiting professionals attended the event and reactions to the presentation were widely positive. Employees from our sales and development departments attended the session, along with our Vice President of Operations Laura Schmitz, who presented a webinar on the topic last Thursday called “Affordable Care Act: Using Technology to Take Out the Guesswork”. If you’re interested in viewing this webinar, or in learning more information about how Avionté is preparing for the transition, email us at aca@avionte.com.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to attend the presentation and although we don’t have all of the answers, here at Avionté, we’re continually seeking opportunities to learn as much as we can about the ACA and how it will affect the staffing and recruiting industries, so that we can provide the best software product to our customers, throughout this transition.

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