Avionte Integrates with PeopleClues, Provider of Solution Assessments

PeopleClues assessments will soon be integrated into Avionté’s staffing software solution, and will further aid staffing firms in matching the right candidates with the right positions and companies. We’re excited about all the possibilities that this new strategic partnership with PeopleClues can provide our current and future customers!

The PeopleClues cloud-based assessment solutions work by evaluating a candidate’s job fit based on personality, attitude and cognitive measurements. These easy to understand and highly visual reports take less than 20 minutes to complete and provide scientifically validated and legally defensible results, which enable employers and staffing agencies to dig deep to find the candidates that best match their positions.

“We are very excited to extend the power of our assessment data to Avionté’s large network of staffing industry clients and help them improve the success of their placements with a fuller understanding of the potential job fit for each candidate,” said Julie Moreland, president of PeopleClues. “As our network of integrated partners continues to grow, we look forward to working with organizations, such as Avionté, that share our commitment to helping employers identify the right-fit candidates that will be engaged, productive and successful.”

Now, when candidates apply for positions through Avionté’s clients, they are able to complete the PeopleClues assessment as part of the process, which provides a user-friendly experience while giving employers the information they need to effectively consider and screen candidates, and advance only the most qualified individuals.

At Avionté, we provide organizations in the staffing industry with a fully integrated software solution that can help bridge the gap between strategy and execution, which is why we feel that we’ve greatly enhanced our solutions by adding PeopleClues to our list of partnerships.

“The success of our clients depends on their ability to match candidates to the right jobs and right companies as well as their ability to rule out poor fit candidates earlier in the recruiting process,” said Sandeep Achariya, COO and partner of Avionté. “By partnering with PeopleClues, our clients have access to an easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated screening solution that adds new insight and enables them to determine job fit from the beginning. Through this strategic partnership, staffing agencies can avoid the investment of time and resources spent on moving the wrong-fit candidates forward.”

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