Department Spotlight: Avionté Support Sets Goals for 2014

Avionte Support has seen many changes in 2013. We’ve increased our support staff to 17 employees, now managed by Josh Sayotovich, who stepped into his role as Support Manager in early February. Recently, our VP of Operations Laura Schmitz’s has increased her day-to-day involvement with the support team. She now oversees the Support and Customer Care teams, helping them improve processes and increase ticket turnaround times.

As the New Year approaches, Avionte Support has come up with some overall goals for their team in 2014. Here are the goals – and how they plan on accomplishing them:

Goal #1: Reduce ticket time to completion. The support team will be working towards a goal of reducing the time-to-completion of open support tickets overall by ten percent by the end of 2014. They’ve used support meetings to discuss how this will be done, to analyze any road blocks, and to put processes in place to ensure a reduced time to resolution and a faster turnaround time for open tickets.

Goal #2: Revamp tier-one training processes. After a series of new hires, the support team now consists of 17 employees – and Josh said they’ll continue to hire more support staff in 2014. So, in an effort to support a faster on-boarding time, Josh has worked with Laura to revamp the tier-one training program and to improve the process of training new hires.

Goal #3: Improve the support upgrade process. Now that 13.1 upgrades have all been completed, Josh said the team has a plan in motion that will improve the upgrade process for clients, making their software transition faster and more efficient. Communication between the Support team and the Development team will also increase, to ensure employees on both teams are working towards similar software upgrade processes.

We can’t wait to see how support makes new strides in 2014!

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