Three Avionte Team Members Fly Back to Nepal

Today, three of our employees – Sabina Ghalan, Santosh Newa and Sanchita Tiwari – will be flying out of the U.S. to return to our office in Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s hard to say goodbye since we’ve really enjoyed having them here, but we know they’ll continue to do great things back in our Nepal office! Santosh, Sabina and Sanchita arrived in the U.S. about eight months ago and quickly got to work on implementation and development projects.

Sabina said some of the highlights were filming our Call Me Maybe video, which we shot in September before heading out to the ASA Staffing World conference in Orlando, and heading to Lake Superior for the implementation team trip late last summer!

In their farewell emails, both Santosh and Sanchita said their time in the U.S. office seemed to fly by. Santosh said he was amazed by the communication within the department and everyone’s willingness to help each other. Sanchita said she’s thankful for all of the support, guidance and encouragement she received throughout her time in the U.S.

“This is not a goodbye, but a hello to cross-continental communications that would not have otherwise been possible,” Sanchita said.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We wish all three of you safe travels back!

Sabina Ghalan    Sanchita Tiwari    Santosh Newa

From left to right: Sabina Ghalan, Sanchita Tiwari, Santosh Newa.

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