Department Focus: The Imp Team, Redefining Scope in 2014

We know the process of transitioning to a new software platform requires a lot of work and can put a lot of strain on internal staff. But there are ways to control the amount of pain that comes with a software transition. At Avionté, we’ve been working to minimize the amount of disruption the implementation process could cause our clients.

This year we have made some changes to our approach and created tools to help increase speed and efficiency. One key component to the new process is to minimize the initial scope of the projects by taking a multi-phase approach. Phase one is designed to get people live, so they can use the system’s core functionality faster. Then, we follow up with a second phase to implement changes, integrations and customizations.

Avionté’s Implementation Manager Jason Garofolo said the team is now taking a more agressive approach to the process.

“We’re being true leaders of the project,” Garofolo said. “And by minimizing the scope, we’re simplifying the pain and minimizing the potential for errors.”

Here are a few other key changes to the implementation department this year:

  • Our conversion team has created a variety of utilities to help reduce conversion time, allowing us to pass that savings on to our customers.
  • We’ve hired two new project managers, Justin Santos and Dana Senn. They’ve come to us with extensive staffing experience and make a great addition to the team.
  • Mandy Krohn has moved into her new role of Transition Manager and will assist clients with their transition from Implementation to Support.
  • Doug Gilbertson, Alex Jonson and Marta Cooke will comprise Avionte’s new U.S. Services team. This team will handle all phase two implementation items, as well as new requests for live clients involving eDocs, counters, DRM, reports, data conversion, new portals, integrations, feeds, imports/exports and more.

The bottom line? Transitioning to a new staffing software platform will never be pain-free. But we’ve laid the foundation for faster and easier implementations. We’ve got a great team, with some new team members and a U.S. Services team comprised of Avionté employees, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure items are completed correctly and quickly.

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