Farewell Post-It, you’ve been a great friend.

by Laura Schmitz

Many of you know by now that I am a loud and proud proponent for paperless processes and functionality.  Do I have some deep-rooted resentment for the post-it note?  A debilitating allergy to envelope glue?  A fateful and traumatizing fax incident in my past?   No, no and maybe.  In fact I have great respect for all of these things and think that each has an honored place in good ole Americana, like the Disco ball and the 8 track.  Unfortunately, just like the Walkman, they have been quickly replaced by ever-changing technologies faster than any of us who began life prior to 1995 ever thought they could be.  In fact, many of us cling to post-it notes like they offer life saving oxygen.  It’s time to move on.  Paperless is here to stay and offers the best way yet to increase productivity, improve customer service inside and out and hold our workforce accountable.  No longer should we have file drawers full of papers that you may or may not have access to or that may or may not need to be shredded.  In a paperless environment, everyone can have access to the same information, simultaneously, without the cost of toner, paper or time spent trying to un-jam a copy machine.   Decisions can be made with all the facts, bills can be paid faster, orders and assignments can matched up better and there are overall less chance for errors or wrong practices.

Usually around this point, somebody pipes up and says “That’s all great Laura, but OUR workers don’t know how to use the internet or email, our people HAVE to have their files and our candidates NEED to fill out our 100 page application”.  Really?  When was the last time you or anyone you know looked something up in the actual white pages book?  Bought and wrestled with a road map?  Filled out with a pen, your whole tax return?   Received an actual paper party invitation (I recently got an Evite to a wedding for Pete’s sake!)?

Is it that the workforce can’t or won’t go paperless or is it because you’re holding on to some shred of the past so YOU can keep the paper security blanket and what you’re familiar with?  It’s time to look in the mirror.  Paperless is a done deal and in the case of the new generation coming into the workforce the only thing they know.  If we want to sustain productive, growing businesses and industry, we have to accept that we can do pretty much everything without a scrap of paper or a pen or a highlighter.

The question is who can do it better?  At Avionté, we have developed many features and functions that eliminate and/or reduce paperwork to increase knowledge sharing, efficiency and ultimately the bottom line.  Just some examples are automated messaging, on-line billing and payroll, electronic document storage and many, many more.  So, I ask you, do you want to be the next exhibit at the Smithsonian; or do you want to be at the on-line table electronically signing the next big deal?  Let us know if you’d like to join the next generation in staffing; paperless counselors are standing by to help you. Send us an e-mail.

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