How healthy is your company?

by Brenda Long

While many people may think profit and numbers when asked about the health of their company, Avionté has been working towards a new sense of the word healthy.  A few months ago we launched a new initiative to motivate our staff to get healthy.   Losing weight is not the goal, although I am in love with my BodyBugg (an unusual, but welcomed V-day gift from my husband after the birth of our son).  The goal of Avionte FIT is to get our team healthy and active.  It’s no secret that the more active and fit you are the more energy you have.  It’s also no secret that we are hoping some of that extra energy will be channeled into their daily work lives. 

We broke the company into teams and each person earns points for their team for each 30 minutes of physical activity they complete.  The number of points for that activity is determined by the level of intensity.  Getting our staff out playing tennis, racquetball or simply walking together over lunch has been an added benefit to the program.  A little time away from the desk each day that doesn’t include the term Super Size Me and gets the team bonding at the same time, just can’t be a bad thing.  

 To be honest, I sort of figured the novelty of the whole program would die down after the first month, but the team is still working it.  The latest talk around the office has been the P90X workout program.  A handful of people started it just about the same time and so far they all appear to be true believers and faithful followers.

Congrats to the “BodyThuggs” in April and “The Winners” in May.  June is looking like a close race so far.

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