Introducing Avionté's New Consulting Department!

We’ve recently created a new department at Avionté! We’re excited to announce that Avionté has established its Consulting Department, which was created to provide additional services to clients and prospects in the form of workflows, best practices and enhanced usage or Avionté’s features and products, including third party integrations.

The department is made up of our VP of Operations Laura Schmitz and System Realization Consultants Dustin Agnew and Jenna LaGesse (pictured from left to right).

Dustin and Jenna have already begun working with clients to implement Avionté’s WAVE Program: a new service that will help our clients achieve the ultimate ROI from Avionte Staffing Software.

The WAVE Program – which stands for Workflow Analysis Value Evaluation – was created to give our clients the fullest range of knowledge and best practices, which our consulting department put together through their extensive experience working with Avionté customers and evaluating how they uniquely use Avionté Software for their day-to-day business needs.

“Think of it as a makeover for your business,” VP of Avionté Laura Schmitz said. “One that will result in a more refreshed and refined approach to your processes, and can provide an ultimate return on your investment.”

The consulting department will not only work with clients to initiate the WAVE program, but will also take on a variety of other responsibilities and be a valuable resource for all of our clients, and Avionté employees! They’ll provide on-site and remote ROI workflow demonstrations and consultations to prospects and clients with our sales and implementation teams, and work with our support and customer experience teams to set up consulting meetings, prepare recommendations and provide process improvement solutions for our live clients.

Interested in the WAVE Program? To learn more contact us here, or contact the team at


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