To Keep Your Clients Happy, Start With Your Employees

Staffing firms: want to keep your clients happy?

Look to your employees first.

According to a recent article by Forbes, the most content U.S. workers, when surveyed, credited their overall job satisfaction to employee incentives, benefits, career advancement, and work-life balance. Others indicated that things like having a good relationship with their manager and/or staff is just as important, as is a company’s overall culture, and reputation in the industry.

For growing companies looking to succeed, this kind of information is extremely important; countless studies indicate that if your employees value your company, your clients will, too. And when employee satisfaction levels are high, so are their levels of productivity. It’s a domino effect; high productivity among employees leads to better customer service, and to every staffing company’s ultimate goal: to remain successful and profitable.

For close to a decade, the research company Gallup studied both entrepreneurial startups and large, established enterprises in an effort to see how an employee’s emotions can impact their levels of productivity and creativity. Results from two studies found that a) lost productivity due to employee disengagement costs more than $300 billion in the U.S. each year and b) an employees’ feelings about an organization at an earlier part of time will likely have a high impact on that company’s sales and profits down the line.

Avionté has been providing services to the human resources industry since 2006, and now provides its full front- and back-office staffing software product to over 200 clients and 6,500 users. And while the company’s founders and leaders don’t credit Avionté’s rising success to just one thing, it’s evident that their intent to create a company that focuses on relationships by appreciating its employees and treating its clients as true partners has paid off.

By providing things like great incentives and benefits, a work environment that provides opportunities for learning and growth, and by placing value on things such as fun out of office events in an effort to increase employee camaraderie, Avionté has established a great company culture: one that has led to recognition as a Top Company on lists by the Minnesota Star Tribune and Minnesota Business Magazine, and others.

So regardless of which stage your staffing company is in, whether you’re just getting started, or you feel like you’ve already obtained a prominent place within the industry, if you want to be successful, ask your employees what you could be doing better. Chances are, they’ll let you know – and the benefits that could come from improving employee satisfaction at you company will influence your success, in a great way.

Jenna Campbell is the Sales and Marketing Assistant at Avionté Staffing Software

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