How to Keep Your Employees
Productive This Summer, Four Steps

It seems the arrival of summer makes it much harder to get our work done, for more reasons than one. A recent study by the Captivate Network proved that as the temperatures outside increase, productivity levels at offices across North America are at their lowest; during the summer months, workplace productivity drops a whole 20 percent, attendance drops by 19 percent, projects take 13 percent more time to complete, and workers are 45 percent more distracted.

Our staffing software company Avionté is based in Minnesota, where we embrace summer enthusiastically when it finally arrives after long, cold winters. But our clients don’t use our software any less during the summer months. Our desire to continue adding the latest and greatest features and functions to our staffing software doesn’t go away, either, and the pace of the technology world isn’t slowing down. So we can’t afford to lose on productivity, no matter what time of the year it may be.

In the staffing industry, competition is fierce, and staffing firms can’t afford to waste time, or lose out on productivity, at any time of the year. Here are a few tips to keep your employees moving and motivated, even on the warmest and sunniest of days:

1. Remind your employees of your company goals. Late last year, Avionté posted a blog with tips on how to set obtainable company goals for the New Year. Remind your employees that the goals your company set at the beginning of the year are still in play, and establish some smaller goals for your team to work through during the summer months. Then, check in with your team regularly to make sure they’re staying on track.

2. Then, provide some leniency. If your employees are getting their work done and accomplishing projects in a timely manner as the summer continues on, be flexible. If your employees request some time off, plan for the absence in advance so the rest of your staff can remain productive. Letting your employees take some time off in the summer to recharge before the next busy season hits will not only ensure that they won’t get burned out down the line, but will also show that you trust them to get their work done.

3. Plan outdoor events for your team. Summer presents the opportunity to bring your employees closer together through organized outdoor activities. Plan a barbeque event at the office, or set some days throughout the summer when you’ll provide catered lunches for your staff. Organize other after-work activities outdoors, like a group volunteer event or a company-sponsored baseball game to keep your company culture strong.

Last year, Avionté employees participated in an adult softball league. The games offered not only a great way for our employees to bond, but also made coming to the office (where the players discussed the final score and highlights of each game) more enjoyable.

4. Encourage your employees to get outside. We all know spending some time outdoors is good for us. We’re able to get our much needed Vitamin D and our concentration and mood improves. Set up a picnic table for employee lunch breaks, or hold more walking meetings outside. And encourage your employees to take breaks outside if they start to lose focus.

Just because we’re approaching the summer months, it doesn’t mean your productivity levels at the office should fall. Take the steps necessary to ensure that your staff makes the most of their summer, both in and out of the office.

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