Keeping Your Employees Motivated During the Holidays in 5 Steps

We’re approaching heart of the Holiday season, and this time of year often means employees will be busier than ever preparing for family and friend get-togethers, and attending seasonal events. It can be a busy time for the work world as well, as companies work to assess their YTD outcomes, and to create goals for the New Year.

During this time of the year, and always, it’s important that employees bring their full potential to the office, but the Holiday season is often a time when employees, lost in the business of their lives outside of work, lack proper motivation and energy to perform their best work.

Avionté’s corporate office now has close to 85 full-time employees, meaning our company culture is greatly affected by whether or not our employees show up for work and perform their best. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to keep your employees motivated throughout the Holiday season. Here are some we suggest:

1. Create excitement in the office. Bring some Holiday spirit into the office! Set up a Christmas tree and/or Menorah in your break room, or hang tinsel from the ceilings. Bring in cookies or holiday treats. Help employees increase their motivation to come into work as the Holidays close in by finding creative ways to decorate your office in more festive ways, and to create a more exciting work environment.

2. Emphasize your company’s year-end goals. Did your company set financial-focused, product-focused, or other goals for 2013? Remind your employees of what these goals were and assess whether or not you’ve achieved them. Or, set some new ones! Emphasize the positives that could come from achieving company goals. Sharing these goals company-wide will help employees stay on track, and showing them how these efforts could lead to company success in the future will make their day-to-day tasks feel more valuable.

3. Provide rewards and incentives. Most employees are motivated through positive feedback and rewards, but remember that all employees react to feedback and rewards in different ways. These rewards could be things like year-end bonuses, in-office lunches, or gifts. Consider what rewards or incentive programs your employees could benefit from, and use the final month of the year to see these things through.

4. Celebrate company and employee achievements. How does your company celebrate a successful year? Do you hand out extra PTO, or throw an annual holiday party to show your appreciation for their hard work? Our staffing software company throws an extravagant year-end party, with a theme, prizes and games, to reward employees for their hard work and to celebrate company achievements.

5. Be understanding. Understand that your employees will likely become increasingly stressed as the holidays approach. Accept that they may need a little breathing room, or some time off. Treat your employees like adults by being flexible with their time. As long as you keep the workplace as productive as possible for the employees coming in, your company will continue making great strides forward, even during the Holiday season.

Jenna Campbell is the Sales and Marketing Assistant at Avionté Staffing Software

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