May & June Nepal Donations

The Avionte Hope Foundation is excited about donations made in Nepal this spring. We are very grateful for our  strong ties at the Avionte office in Nepal to help us find individuals and organizations who can benefit from the help of AHF.

This spring our donations were centered around enhancing the education experience for 3 individuals and helping a school near Kathmandu with access to computers.

Kisha, Asmita, and Bikalpa are 3 Nepalese students who are extremely hard working and selfless. They each have experienced personnel struggles in obtaining the education they desire. At some point each student was faced with the dilemma of choosing to provide for their families or continuing their education.  But despite their busy schedules, all 3 students maintain grades at the top of their class. In an effort  to avoid having to choose between education and other financial responsibilities,  AHF donated funds for their tuition fees, stationary expenses, and uniforms for the year to attend a community based school.

For the month of June we donated 2 computers to a community based school near Kathmandu Valley. The school had a computer lab, but were lacking in number of computers. There is now enough access for 1  computer per five students.

Stay tuned for the latest news from Nepal in July!

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