Meet June's Client Crush, Jeff Shearer from LaborWorks!

When it comes to being a great client of Avionté, there are some key characteristics that our clients possess.

They’re great at communicating their needs and at providing constructive feedback, so we can do our jobs as best as possible. They set realistic deadlines, and are flexible and understanding as we work through their requests. And, just like us, they’re passionate about the work they do.

We have a number of Client Crushes here at Avionté, but today we want you to meet Jeff Shearer, the Director of IT at LaborWorks: our Client Crush for June!

About LaborWorks Industrial Staffing

LaborWorks was established in 1998 and is a regional, privately held industrial staffing company based out of Tacoma, Washington. They’ve established a reputation as the region’s premier industrial staffing specialists with their consistent quality customer service. The company has grown, and now provides staffing services out of 11 offices in three states.

About Jeff Shearer

Jeff Shearer has worked at LaborWorks for nearly 10 years, and is currently their Director of IT. He oversees all aspects of IT, from application development, telecommunications, website administration, database administration, and more, and is in contact with Avionté staff on a regular basis!

Why Jeff’s crushworthy:

“Jeff is always patient and understanding. He is very smart and works hard to know the system, only coming to us if he truly needs the extra guidance. I’ve enjoyed the interactions I’ve had with him.”

– Alec Hedlund, Tech Support Specialist

“Jeff was one of the first people I remember working with at Avionté, and he immediately knew I was a newbie. Even though I was struggling with some of the concepts, he immediately put me at ease with his laugh and positive attitude … Not only was he good to talk to, but he was great to work with regarding issues that didn’t exactly fit what his requirements were. He would always be friendly and positive and guide me through what he saw as wrong, and what we needed to do to improve it. All in all, he is a friendly, cool, and understanding person who has lived in our system as long as we have.”

– Constantine Kokkinos, Tech Support Specialist

“Jeff takes time to know each and every support tech personally, which I really appreciate. He is also extremely intelligent, and can problem solve extremely well, only calling support when he is truly stuck or does not know the answer. When he does call, he explains the problem clearly and effectively, as well as the steps he has taken to resolve the issue. He is enthusiastic, relatable, cheerful, cool and intelligent.”

– Tyler Long, Implementation Specialist

“He’s crushworthy for coming up with the phrase, ‘ain’t no party like an Avionté party, cuz an Avionté party don’t stop’!”

– Subir Shrestha, Senior Business/Software Analyst

Congratulations, Jeff, and thank you for all that you do!

About the Client Crush blog series:

We truly feel like we have THE BEST clients out there and the people we work with everyday are what make our roles at Avionté so rewarding. We wanted to come up with a way to show our clients just how much we appreciate their friendly attitude and the support they’ve given us.

That’s where the Client Crush blog series comes in.

The Client Crush blog series was created to show thanks to Avionté Staffing Software‘s clients. A new Client Crush will be posted in the first week of every month.

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