Meet the Partners!

Briana Morgan

John Long
Role at Avionté Staffing Software:  Founding Partner and CEO – Facilitating sales, marketing, finances, strategic partnerships and business development.  John leads and inspires the team with his forward thinking and ability to rally through his ambitious goal setting.

Outside of Work:  John enjoys family road trips, basketball, fishing, boating and the occasional horse race.  He resides in Minnesota with his wife Brenda and their four children, ranging from ages 1 to 17!

On the Lighter Side…

  • Favorite music group in junior high – Genesis
  • If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be – Teaching
  • Four people in history you would like to have dinner with – Jesus, Princess Diana, George Washington and Socrates
  • What was the last book you read – Next by Michael Crichton
  • Only the staff at Avionté knows… John scratches his head to help him think faster.

Phi Ngo
Role at Avionté Staffing Software:  Partner and CTO – Continually embraces the latest in technology and industry trends, while maintaining the integrity of the core product customers depend on. Working closely with customers, he combines his staffing industry experience with the requests and needs of the client to guide Avionté’s development.

Outside of Work:  Phi, his wife and three children live in California where he spends his free time running after his kids, running after his kids and running after his kids.

On the Lighter Side…

  • What is your favorite music genre?  Alternative Rock
  • Name one thing you miss about being a kid…  Recess
  • Favorite color….  Blue
  • What do you think is the greatest invention?  The transistor; essentially it is the basic building block of all electronic devices.  If it wasn’t for transistors we would still be using vacuum tubes and thus micro electronics would not be possible.
  • Only the staff at Avionté knows… Phi gets more comps in Vegas than the whole company combined.

Sandeep Acharya
Role at Avionté Staffing Software:Partner & COO – Leading the implementation department and applying the technology and resources to our clients and their company. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, providing leadership to software implementations and staffing software solution design.

Outside of Work:Sandeep enjoys spending time with family and friends, any activities outdoors and relaxing while watching movies.

On the Lighter Side…

  • Favorite candy bar – Doesn’t eat much candy.
  • What super power do you wish you had and why – A magical remote to selectively mute people/sounds.
  • You wouldn’t be caught dead where – At a Taliban training center.
  • What is the strangest food you ever ate – Roasted snake.
  • Only the staff at Avionté knows… Sandeep won’t be late, he’ll be just-in-time.

Samar Basnet
Role at Avionté Staffing Software:Partner & Chief Software Architect – Dictates and guides the quality, design, and development of Avionté Software. He manages a team of software professionals in the United States and coordinates the development effort abroad.

Outside of Work:Samar and his wife Sunny are expecting their first child.They enjoy taking walks around Lake Calhoun, watching movies – specifically thrillers and comedies, and going out to dinner at their many favorite restaurants.

On the Lighter Side…

  • Favorite TV show – 2 and a Half Men
  • What is your motto in life – Material abundance with a spiritual spirit.
  • If you could live anywhere for 1 year where would it be?  New York
  • What would we find in your fridge right now – Milk, oranges, vegetables, and cheese.  Samar enjoys cooking for his wife Sunny.  (And she says he is even good at it!)
  • Only the staff at Avionté knows… Samar can’t get enough of the dark roasted coffee.

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