Meeting Our Customer Care Team. Friday’s Focus: Meet Jen and Jerry!

It’s almost time for all of those who’ve signed up to meet our staff in person at Client Connection! Throughout the week, we’ve been introducing you to the employees of our Customer Care team.

Last but not least, meet our Customer Care Representatives Jerry Olson and Jen Dye:


Meet: Jerry Olson

Jerry Olson joined the Avionté family in January of 2013 in our Customer Care department. Prior to beginning at Avionté, Jerry worked for nearly nine years for wireless companies, managing sales and training teams at multiple stores throughout the state.

Outside of work, Jerry considers himself a typical Minnesotan. He enjoys watching and playing hockey in the winter and golfing throughout the beautiful summers.


Meet: Jen Dye

Jen Dye hails from Chicago, IL, and transitioned to Minnesota in college to attend Winona State University to participate in college athletics. Since then, Jen has held positions in both sales and recruiting.

Jen’s passions include the Green Bay Packers, craft beer, camping and all things fun when it comes to food and travel. Jen is typically responsible for stirring up trouble and is known to play practical jokes!

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