Natural Disasters Provide Valuable Lessons to Software Companies

Earlier this week, a tornado struck Oklahoma City and its surrounding suburbs. The tornado killed 24 people and is now being referred to as one of the most devastating tornados in U.S. history. While residents were warned that a tornado was on its way, it was just hours before it hit that meteorologists were able to predict just how detrimental the tornados could potentially be.

These types of natural disasters remind us of how important it is to be adequately prepared for what could go wrong, in all scenarios – so that we are able to recover in quicker and more effective ways. As a society, we still can’t see all that’s coming, but I argue that we are far more prepared today for what’s to come than we were yesterday. And we’ve definitely come a long way.

Although they are rare, disasters can occur throughout all industries, including the software industry. This is why it is important that all software companies work continuously to ensure that they are not only providing a disaster-free product, but are also prepared to react to whatever could occur.

At Avionté, development initiatives and various testing scenarios are a significant part of the daily responsibilities of many of our employees. We work hard to ensure that a software disaster scenario will never occur with our product. We have a great team of developers and support specialists here that are dedicated to our product and to our customers. Our development team is continuously churning out new releases and our support team is available to our customers around-the-clock, to work through any support issues they may be experiencing.

Keeping our staffing and recruiting customers satisfied with our product has always been Avionté’s main goal.  We work hard every day to ensure that our software not only meets customer expectations, but far exceeds them. After all, our clients are what make what we do every day valuable and worthwhile.

And although no company or product is perfect, we know we’ve got something special here.

by Jenna Campbell, Sales and Marketing Assistant

Customer Care Rep Rod posing with clients from Employee Solutions.

Customer Care Rep Rod Barsness posing with employees from Employee Solutions.

Avionte employees pose with clients at 2012's Client Connection Forum.

Avionte employees pose with clients at 2012’s Client Connection Forum.

We love our employees and customers! Posing here at Client Connection, 2012.

We love our employees and customers! Posing here at Client Connection, 2012.

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