Our Nighttime Software Superheroes (aka Our Nepal Team)

We consider ourselves lucky, here at the Avionté office in Eagan, Minn. Why? Because in addition to our team of employees in the U.S., we have a brilliant and talented team that works with us out of Kathmandu, Nepal, who bring a wide range of experience to our growing company. With these additional team members in Nepal, Avionté employees are working literally around the clock; While we’re fast asleep here in the U.S., this dedicated team is hard at work in Nepal.

And while there are many opportunities throughout the year for our customers and team members in the U.S. to interact (whether it’s at conferences and trade show events, during on-site visits, or at our annual Client Connection Forum) – our employees in Nepal work behind the scenes to ensure a quality product, and rarely interact with our customers. So, we’ve decided to choose one Nepal team member each month, to be our honorary “Nepal Team Employee of the Month”, so that you can get to know the great team members that support our team here in the U.S. But before we choose our first Nepal team member, we’d like to provide a brief introduction to the team overall – to how the team is structured and how they operate on a day-to-day basis.

Our Nepal team is made up of four departments: operations, development, implementation and technical services. The Operations team assists with upgrades and web portal setup, while the Nepal development team assists our U.S. development team with projects and support tickets. The implementation team in Nepal further supports our U.S. implementation support team with conversion and import/export feeds, while the Nepal support team helps out with Edocs, support issues and managing reports.

Introducing the Managers:

Gaurav Basnyat has been with Avionté for six months and said his main responsibilities at Avionté are monitoring operations and HR issues at the Nepal office, along with managing the upgrade process and scheduling. Outside of the office he’s big into music; he enjoys playing it, going to shows and listening to music. He also enjoys reading in his spare time.

Santosh Newa helps the Development team prioritize incoming tickets and increase productivity as the Sr. Application Developer. He’s been with Avionté for about six years and said he loves the friendly work environment and internal motivation that the partners continually provide. Outside of work, Santosh loves to travel, listen to music, play video games and watch movies.

Sanjib Pokharel, our implementation team manager, has been with Avionté for six years and leads the implementation team as the Sr. Implementation Analyst. Outside of the office, Sanjib loves exploring the interesting things about Kathmandu, a city that he describes as “rich in culture”. He’s also very active and enjoys football, cycling, swimming and beach volleyball.

Tinu Manandhar manages our technical services team. Tinu has been on the Avionté team for 2 1/2 years and spends her time helping manage reports, Edocs and keeping the Support team on track. She says her favorite thing about working at Avionté is the team-based environment, where everyone treats one another equally. Outside of work, Tinu enjoys watching movies, listening to music and being with friends and family.


Stay tuned for the announcement of our first “Nepal Team Employee of the Month” blog post in May!

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