Refresher Training: Making Time for Success

Laura Schmitz

I recently discovered a short cut on how to put the little é on Avionté (e acute is the official character name , check out to find a whole host of shortcuts you may not have known about.)   I had what I thought was a shortcut, but this one saved an extra key stroke and didn’t require notes on how to do it on my laptop versus a traditional keyboard.  If only I had known that a year ago!

We all think we’re too busy or know enough to refresh ourselves on the tools we use and need to conduct our business every day.  The reality is that if we took a couple of hours a couple of times a year and dedicated it to learning more about those tools, we could not only learn something new (which is always rewarding) but we could find new productivity or relief for pesky functions that we do every day, but wish we could do easier or better.   Setting aside time to learn is something that few of us think about.  I believe that learning is one of the greatest ways to take care of yourself as it can relieve stress, improve brain function and lead to some great means to share information and collaborate with those around you.  All too often learning and training are set aside as too time consuming or too expensive in tight times.  In fact, training can be a great way to find savings, and the time spent can actually help leaders determine how processes are working, what needs to be changed or who needs some extra supervision or one-on-one training themselves.  Training doesn’t need to be a three-day seminar with professional speakers and rented conference rooms.  It can be as simple as a ½ hour webinar once a month or reading an article about a particular program or tool.

Another thing I like to do and participate in is forwarding information that I have found or materials I’ve received onto those colleagues, clients, friends or family that I think they would find useful for their careers or businesses.  At Avionté, we use our group emails to keep each other informed on a multitude of interesting topics and functions.  Technology changes at the speed of light, making time for learning is crucial to keep yourself and your business relevant and thriving.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up a refresher training program or if you’d like to schedule refresher training for your Avionté staffing software application, please contact me at

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