SelecSource Featured on Atlanta’s Top 25 List!

Avionté would like to say congratulations to our client SelecSource on making the recent list of top 25 temporary employment agencies featured in the Atlanta  Business Chronicle!  It’s a great feeling to see our clients succeed and we experience the same sense of pride in watching them excel as we do our own company and even our children for that matter.  My proud mother moment this week took place when my 7 year old saw a picture of our 27th president and said “That’s Taft”.  When I asked her how she knew that, she said “Because he got stuck in the White House bathtub.”  In that case, maybe not something you want to be remembered for, but I’m certain I would not have recognized a picture of Taft when I was 7 or 36 for that matter. 

Congratulations to SelecSource for all of its accomplishments!

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