Is Your Staffing Firm ACA-Ready?

January 1, 2015 is fast-approaching…

Are you prepared for what’s ahead?

ACA rules and regulations for health care coverage are estimated to affect an estimated 2.9 million temporary or contingent American workers per day, according to the American Staffing Association, and there’s no doubt the complexity of the law’s reporting and processing requirements presents quite the challenge for staffing firms.

It’s likely you’ve taken many initial steps to prepare for what’s ahead. But the ACA is complex, and there are many things your staffing firm should do to ensure you are ACA-ready.

Here are 3 key things you should be doing now with your staffing software provider:

  1. Ensure you’re staying compliant. How do you plan on monitoring and tracking employee hours worked, breaks in service, and more? Use your staffing software to create accurate ACA records when onboarding new employees, to monitor and track employee hours and breaks in service, and to track all applicable ACA hours required by the law.
  2. Assemble a plan for your internal ACA processes. The ACA will not only have an impact on your company. It will also have impact on your clients – so keep them informed as to how your billing processes might change. First, configure your reports within your staffing software to get the information you need. Then, make any necessary accommodations for impending changes to responsibilities amongst your staff, and automate any appropriate processes you can through your software provider.
  3. Keep your employees informed. If you haven’t already, be sure to let your clients know what you plan to offer ahead of time, or what might be coming for them. Ensure all eDocuments are available for employee data collection – and tell employees where they can go within your staffing software to access the Notice of Exchange and other key ACA documents. Then, save your staff time by allowing for auto population of your eDocuments.

Avionté Staffing Software has created reporting, data capture, compliance and notification tools to ensure our users are fully prepared for ACA guidelines and changes. You can setup and configure applicable ACA settings within Avionté to track employee hours and breaks in service, and to ensure deductions and contributions are entered on the employee file. Plus, access the Notice of Exchange and other key ACA documents right from the system. Our software has configurable options to suit your needs, and automated processes so your staff can focus on what’s important.

Contact us for more information about how our staffing software can ease your mind, and simplify your ACA processes.

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