Staffing Software Contract Tips to Help Protect your Data

by John Long, CEO of Avionte Staffing Software

What’s not included in your software contract may be just as important as what IS included.

When it comes to access to your staffing firm’s data, do you know what your contract includes? Unfortunately, most staffing firm’s don’t know their rights, and all too often their contracts include vague language in regards to data access, which limits the choices and the legal rights of the staffing firm.

As you may have read in my prior blog post, we are seeing example after example of staffing software vendors holding their clients’ data “hostage” by failing to release data, withholding data files for excessive periods of time, providing data in an unusable or incomplete format, and charging exorbitant fees for access to data.

Protect your business with CLEARLY defined contract terms.          

Before you sign a staffing software agreement, look for key language that gives you complete control over your data. Here are some things to look for in your contract:

  1. That you own your data.
  2. That you have the right to a backup of your data at any time.
  3. That the data will be provided within 72 hours of your request.
  4. That the data will be provided with a usable backup of all tables, including setup tables
  5. That the cost for a copy of your data will not exceed a fixed amount.

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