Tip of the Week: Staffing Software QuickPlace

When I first started in staffing I worked exclusively for one account.  At the time we had anywhere from 50-100 employees working.  Just keeping up with entering in orders and closing assignments took up most of my day.  Not to mention the software I was working with was old and not very functional.  I had to switch from screen to screen to see my information; not very efficient.  Looking back there are two things that I wish I had, Quick Place and a Customer Web Portal.  These two items would have saved me a great deal of time, not to mention help me be more productive.

Quick Place is a new feature (v2010) that allows for assigning large groups of employees to open orders in one place.  Quick Place shows all open and partially filled orders with the list of Available (unassigned) Employees as well as current assignments.  Quick Place is accessed through the Start Page in the Actions menu or short cut button and will open in a new window.

One page that will show the user all the information that is important to them regarding the Order, Employee and Assignment.  Quickly look through Available candidates, see who is currently a Candidate and do an Auto Match from the same screen.  You even have the ability to see who is currently Assigned and close the assignment from that same screen.  Want more?  How about easily “jumping” to an Employee, Customer or Order?  You can log a message and send an e-mail right from Quick Place. I have done several demos on our webinars, each time to hear great excitement about this feature.  Quick Place, why weren’t you in my life 10 years ago??!!

When I wasn’t entering and ending assignments I was sending candidates to my client to review.  I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted standing at the fax machine watching applications go through, then waiting for the phone call of who they wanted me to assign.  The Customer Web Portal would have allowed me to give them access to all the candidates and let me know (electronically) who they would like me to assign.  It would have saved both of us a ton of paper and toner in the fax machine too!  Did I mention that I picked up time cards every week too?  All of those timecards could have been entered online and sent directly to our back office for processing.  These two features would have probably saved at least two hours every day; what else could I have been doing with my time?  How about you?  Could you be saving more time by leveraging the technology that is available to you?

As always, I enjoy hearing from you.  Feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail to chat about a current bottleneck you have.

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