Meet Mike- Staffing Software Sales VP

Mike Scoville, VP of Sales

by Briana Morgan

Mike has made the transition to the staffing industry through several years of software sales experience.  Having this background in ATS and ERP, front and back office systems allows him to provide valuable insight and guidance to our clients.  Mike’s great energy, easy going attitude and highly driven perspective are a perfect fit here at Avionté Staffing Software.  Please feel free to introduce yourself or ask him any questions!  Mike can be reached at or 651-556-2121.

Role at Avionté:  VP of Sales – Providing prospects and clients an in-depth knowledge of our front and back office system, while presenting solutions to meet their specific staffing needs.  An active member and participant in several staffing industry associations, Mike is the voice of our organization for his territory, while building upon relationships he’s developed with other organizations and industry partners in the staffing space.

Outside of Work:  Mike maximizes our Minnesota climate, whether it’s heading out of the city during the summers for a weekend at Battle Lake, a back yard barbeque or the annual ski trip to the Rockies, he enjoys surrounding himself with family, friends and always having a good time.

On the Lighter Side…

If you could live anywhere for 1 year where would it be?  Nashville, TN

What is the strangest food you ever ate?  Lutefisk

What is your favorite color?  Blue

What do you think the secret to a good life is?  Carpe Diem

Only the Staff at Avionté knows… just how dangerous a Bluetooth speaker system in a car can be.

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