Staffing Software Support Manager – Katie Grutsch

by Briana Morgan

One of our original employees, Katie is an integral and vital team member; not only within her department, but throughout the whole organization.  Since Katie started out as our first corporate trainer, many of our clients know her as upbeat, cheery and the person with the answers!  We appreciate her commitment and can’t express enough how much her positive outlook affects each one of us.

Role at Avionté: Staffing Software Support Manager – Maintaining all aspects of the support department and support team including their career development and efficiency; from trouble-shooting to implementing and creating new and improved processes.  Katie is also the main point for all external communication to clients and often our go-to contact of our internal issues as well.

Outside of Work: Katie enjoys spending time up north at the cabin, hanging with her hubby and spending time with their friends and family.

On the Lighter Side…

Who is the most famous person you have met? – Josh Campbell

The next place I travel to will be:  Germany – To visit a friend who lives there.

What was your favorite music group in junior high? – New Kids on the Block

Do you have any phobias?

Only the staff at Avionté knows… Katie never yells, what are you talking about support?!

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