Still on Last Year’s Avionté? Make the Switch to 13.2

13.2 is our most recent release and per contract, it’s necessary to stay within one release. And trust us, making the switch will be worth it!

So if you’re still on a version of 12.1 or 12.2, get upgraded today!

Why should you upgrade to 13.2?

1. Upgrading ensures a quicker response time from our support staff on any questions or issues you may have, since you’ll have the most recent code and bug fixes.

2. Upgrading ensures that you’ll have the newest ACA functionality available, like the standard reports and the report manual that’s associated with our most recent release.

3. Upgrading means you’ll have access to the most recent features and functionality, built using the latest technology. The upgrades to our standard application are completely free, and our newest features and technology always come with the switch!

4. Stay ahead of the curve. Upgrading to version 13.2 of Avionté means you’ll be operating with the latest and greatest!

Still not convinced that it’s time to make the switch?

1. Click here to read what our clients had to say about their experience updating to version 13.2.

2. Join Chad Roesler for our last upgrades open forum on Wednesday, March 26.

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