The Early Childhood Development Center: Giving Inmate’s Children a 2nd Chance in Nepal

Nepal is a very special place to the Avionté family.  Not only is it a beautiful country with rich history, but two of the four partners are originally from Nepal and we have an office located in the heart of Katmandu.  So, it is exciting for us that part of the Avionté Hope Foundation’s mission is to set aside funds to help people and organizations in Nepal.

We are happy to share that we have recently sponsored 3 children from the Early Child Development Center (ECDC) in Katmandu, Nepal.  The ECDC was founded in 2005 by Pushpa Basnet and is working adamantly to break the cycle of crime and poverty in Nepal. The ECDC’s mission is to help rescue children who have, due to no other options, accompanied their mothers to jail.  In Katmandu, if a woman is sentenced to jail and her relatives cannot take care of her children, many times the children go with their mothers.   This puts the children in an environment where they have no access to education, nutrition, clothing and medical care.

The ECDC has set up 2 facilities for the children, a kindergarten center and a residential home. Depending on the child’s age they either live at the residential home fulltime with the ECDC or if they are under the age of 5, they attend the kindergarten center and spend the nights with their mothers at the jail.

The ECDC not only strives to improve the lives of children whose parents are imprisoned, but also helps to educate and stabilize their mothers once they are released from prison. They will teach the mothers income generating skills and stay in contact with the families to give them a greater chance at success. Currently, the ECDC is supporting 42 children in the residential home and 5-7 children in the kindergarten center. AHF’s sponsorship will help support the educational expenses for three of these children.

If you are interested in learning more about the Early Child Development Center visit  their website  at or contact the Avionte Hope Foundation at

A video was also recently published on CNN about the ECDC. Check it out here

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