The Truth About Avionté

As this year’s presidential election wraps up, I think it is safe to say we could all use some honesty.

Throughout U.S. presidential campaigns, the line between fact and fiction is often blurred. As candidates get closer to the “finish line”, the tendency for politicians to alter facts in order to secure our votes can often override their willingness to tell the truth.

In fact, news stations now readily prepare to pick apart what has been said during the debates in the segments that follow them, determining their truth value through “truth squads” and “fact or fiction” news segments. Overtime, we’ve grown accustomed to having to do more research to determine whether what we’re being told is actually true.

I guess, in a way, we’re running for office at Avionté, and we’re campaigning for votes with every conversation that we have with our current customers and prospects. But we like to think that we do things a bit differently than the other “politicians” that are running for office in the staffing and recruiting industries today.

Because here at Avionté, we believe you shouldn’t have to do extensive research when considering a new software program. We understand the amount of trust that goes into looking for a new recruiting software company, which is why we work to establish a foundation built on honesty, in the beginning of our relationships, and throughout the entire implementation process.

Avionté exists today because four guys all felt the same frustration with the lack of honesty and integrity in the staffing software market. In 2005, with no customers, a small budget and a failing economy, these founders set out to create a company based on honesty and unwavering fundamental values.

Today, our software, and the Avionté team, supports many of the fastest growing and top 100 staffing companies in the U.S. and Canada. And we believe our passion for meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers is what has fueled our growth, and led to our success, over the past six years.

We understand the trust that is involved in each investment your company makes. And as you consider which candidate you’ll be investing in through this upcoming presidential election, we hope you’ll consider investing in Avionté Software, as well.

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