Avionte Training and Support Employees Team Up for Customer Service

What happens when Avionté’s customer care reps, training experts and support techs put their minds together to answer the questions, fill the requests and address the concerns of a more specific group of clients from Avionté’s 200+ client base? Customer service magic: that’s what happens!

At Avionté, we’ve always aimed to provide a superior customer experience, so when an idea is brought to the table that we know will positively impact our clients, we go for it!

Over one-third of Avionté employees work in customer care, tech support, or consultative roles. Recently, we grouped all of these employees into cross-functional teams, each consisting of customer care reps, a trainer, tech support reps, and some technical services representatives.

Each team has leaders, and a designated group of clients. Some even established fun team names, like Captain Planet and Green Lantern! As a whole, these teams will also work with our newly-formed consulting department to make sure Avionté clients are using the best processes and solutions to propel their business growth using Avionté staffing software.

We established this team-based approach to working with our clients so their needs can be viewed and worked on in a more holistic manner, which will improve things like turnaround time and internal knowledge-sharing.

“We are confident that this initiative will boost response time and reinforce consistent and effective solutions to our client’s questions and concerns,” Avionté‘s VP of Operations Laura Schmitz said. “And we’re working on making this concept even more streamlined, on a more exclusive level, in the upcoming months.”

Our office even looks different! We’ve redesigned the cube spaces on the right side of our office to establish a more team-based work environment.

Avionte Training and Support Departments Combine (2)

Avionté clients, your main contacts haven’t changed! You should still contact your customer care representatives with any questions or concerns, and call up support if you experience any issues. And be sure to get to know our new Director of Customer Experience at Avionté, Brigid Isenmann! She joined the Avionté family a little over a month ago and has worked in the staffing industry space for over 10 years. We’re excited to have her with us!

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