We Beat the Heat!

We went in as the Avionté Warriors and left the Avionté Survivors! 11 Avionté Staffing Software employees challenged the hills and the heat in this year’s Warrior Dash at Afton Alps. Not only did we battle 3 vertical miles, mud and obstacles, we also raised $2500 for The St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Most of the money was raised with internal fundraisers held every Friday at our offices. Our most successful fundraisers were any that involved food or public humiliation. We raised over $500 internally in one day for a create your own beer and bloody mary delivery service. People would pay to have their drink delivered to their desk in the most creative way they could think of. As the humiliation factor grew, so did the funds.  We definitely took some good pictures from that fundraiser!

Along with internal fundraising, we also received  help from family and friends contributing to our cause. A huge shout out to Call-Em-All for their generous donation!

There is a mixed feeling among employees if the Warrior Dash will become an Avionté tradition. Fundraising for St. Jude was a very rewarding experience for us, but the Dash itself was quite the challenge. Most everyone was very happy they completed the course, and when things got tough we just kept telling ourselves “Hey it’s for the kids”!

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