What is Avionté Day?

Avionté Day was created to encourage collaboration and focused teamwork. For the second year in a row, Avionté has set aside one day to conduct a staffing software internal workshop for intensive breakout sessions, in which all Avionté Employees work in teams to hyper-focus on certain tasks – like closing tickets and solving problems – all while competing against the clock in a fun atmosphere!

Avionte employees show off their redneck costumes!

Avionte employees show off their redneck costumes!

This year’s Avionté Day was held at the Eagan office on Friday, June 21st and was themed “get ‘er done”; employees were encouraged to wear costumes to the office.

Jason Ortner's team poses for a photo

Jason Ortner’s Avionte Day team, posing for a photo.

Leading up to Avionté Day, teams are organized and a list of specific tasks to complete was assigned to each of those teams. We were told that all teams able to complete the goals by the deadline of four p.m. would be rewarded with a team lunch outing!

Each team was made up of members from each department and was led by a designated “team captain”. The day started with an Avionté-provided breakfast and a review of the goals and guidelines of the day by Avionté VP of Operations, Laura Schmitz, who encouraged each team to “work together” and “get ‘er done”! Then, the first of two three-hour sessions began. After breaking for lunch, employees got right back to it! The four p.m. cut off time came quickly. Towards the end, employees were scrambling to come out ahead!

As predicted, this year’s Avionté Day was not only productive but also fun! With a day of teamwork, we were able to close 354 support tickets! Thanks to the Avionte teams for all of your hard work today!

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