What Makes a Great Recruiter?

Angela Pitts

As many of you know, my background is in staffing and recruiting. I still love the thrill of a new job order/requisition and thinking about how to fill it. What networking opportunities can I leverage? Where is the best place to post? Could the perfect candidate be in my own database?  I’m sure these are some of the same thoughts that go through your head each time, you start working a new order. Many times I’ve thought about asking the flight attendant to announce a job opportunity in a particular place I was flying to or coming back to. Nothing is out of the question! I was recently with a recruiter that showed an incredible knack for capturing talent right off the street! Needless to say I was in awe, and inspired  to share the experience with all of you.

After a business lunch a group of us were walking back to the office. It was a drizzly winter day, which made us walk a little faster to stay as dry as possible. As we approached the entrance of the building, a well-dressed gentleman asked for directions to a business. My first thought was to duck inside the door to keep my hair from going completely flat. I was not familiar with this particular business, but my lunch companion was. He knew it to be one of their customers, and knew that someone interested in finding them must have some kind of experience in development.

Instead of simply giving the directions, he told them they were a client and he had their address in his office and invited him in. During the walk he asked about his work finding out he didn’t have an appointment, but wanted to drop off his resume in hopes of an interview. My companion asked him about his specific skills and what he was interested in doing. He took the time to find out about this person, making him feel important and possibly interesting him in working with his firm. He quickly told him the names of a couple of other clients he worked with that looked for similar skill sets. You could see the excitement on the gentleman’s face; he felt that is was his lucky day he stumbled upon us! The address of the business was still provided, but a resume was also acquired.

I have not followed up since to find out the end of the story, but the beginning was plenty for me! What is your team doing to recruit top talent? Are they willing to literally walk up  to people on the street? Although the crunch for talent isn’t as tight as it was a few years ago, it’s still tough to find those great candidates!

Next time I’m asking the flight attendant to announce my job opening. At least I know I’ve tried!  Do you have a great recruiting story? We would love to hear it.

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