Who Do We Want to Be? 2014 Projections

Earlier today, the whole company gathered together for Avionté’s annual year-end meeting. It was a great day to celebrate the company’s successes in 2013, and to talk about predictions, plans and hopes for the coming year.

The CEO of Avionte John Long started the day off with a talk about what Avionté was like when it first began in early 2006. Then, John went on to talk about the tremendous growth Avionté experienced in 2013.

Last year, Avionté experienced a revenue growth of more than 36 percent, and increased its client base by nearly 30 percent. The company’s net profit is up, and Avionté retained a user retention rate of over 99 percent. These are just some of the highlights from a very successful and exciting year for Avionté!

“We have evolved greatly over the past year,” Long said during his presentation. “Now it’s time for change and driven growth.”

Long wrapped up his presentation by asking employees, “who are we?” Employees shouted things like “integrity”, “relationships”, “client-focused”, “dedicated” and “family”.

Then, Long asked, “Who do we want to be?”

As the years have progressed, Avionté has grown so fast, but we’ve still managed to maintain the customer-focused and employee-focused culture the staffing software company was built on. And while the company has big plans for 2014, Long emphasized that even as Avionté continues to grow in 2014 and beyond, the company’s values and strong culture will remain the same.

“Conventional wisdom has bet against us every day,” John said. “Conventional wisdom says we can’t do it. But I think we can.”

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