“You’ve Been Avionte’d!”

Earlier this morning, Avionte was able to help a deserving local family through the KDWB Christmas Wish program, and throughout the day, teams of employees have been going out into the community to give a monetary gift to local people who are struggling this holiday season through a special Avionte Hope Foundation initiative.

Earlier this week, the CEO of Avionte John Long called AHF committee members into his office with an idea. The idea was to gather a group of employee volunteers, and send them out in teams into the community to give out a total of $1,000 ($50 to each individual) to locals who were working hard and who could benefit from a little extra cash this Holiday season.

Today, five teams went out to local businesses (Cub Foods, McDonalds and the Lone Oak Market, among others) and asked for the manager on duty. After explaining what the initiative was all about, the teams asked the manager to give the names of employees within their company that they felt most deserved the gift: people that were great workers, consistently showed up, had a positive attitude and a potential hardship. Then, with the manager’s permission, we presented that person with the gifted envelope.

On the envelope, the note read:

“You have been AVIONTE’d!

You have been selected for this gift because of your willingness to work hard and positive attitude. During this Holiday season, remember one of the most powerful emotions:  Hope.

With hope and a dedicated spirit, we can all succeed. Good things will come.

Here is to hoping you have a great Holiday season!

— Avionte Hope Foundation”


It was so great seeing the faces of the employees light up when we presented them with the gift! We met Sandy at the Deli at Cub, who told our employees that her horoscope today told her she’d have a bad day, but that instead, we made her day, and she said she’ll be using the money to get a massage! We also met Brianna, who is a single mom of three and is going to nursing school while also working fulltime. Even with her very busy life, her manager said she always smiles and treats her customers well. And we met Sherri (pictured above), from the Lone Oak Market, who was so excited when our employees presented her with the gift that she did a little dance!

It was a great day! Stay tuned for more photos of the deliveries.

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