Quality talent is hard to find these days…

Between the record low unemployment rate and the 20,000 staffing & recruiting companies competing for talent, how does the lone staffing firm stand out amongst the sea of competition in today’s very tight labor market?

The secret isn’t much of a secret at all – all you need is a strong candidate experience.

Listed below are a collection of ideas – all aimed at helping your firm create the best possible candidate experience (from marketing to application).

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Your website is the window to your brand. It’s usually the first impression a candidate will have with your company and it’s absolutely imperative to make a great first impression.

While there are definitely staffing firms who have invested in creating beautiful, fully optimized websites, there’s still a significant number of firms whose websites look and function like they were made in the 90s.

If this is you, no worries! Here’s a few tips to help ensure you’re offering a seamless candidate experience:

Mobile-friendly – Most web hosting platforms will offer (or come standard) with mobile-friendly functionality, but it’s not guaranteed. Having a mobile-friendly website is absolutely a MUST for two primary (among many other) reasons:

  • If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you can kiss your Google rankings goodbye
  • More than 85% of candidates are using their mobile devices to apply for jobs

To check how mobile-friendly your website is, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test for an instant answer.

Percentage of all global web pages served to mobile phones

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Optimize the conversion rate – Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is just marketing speak for, “make sure your website offers a seamless experience that captures the maximum amount of leads (candidates).” While this is much harder said than done, here’s a few general CRO tips to help:

  • A/B test your highest traffic pages (more on this topic below)
  • Remove distracting page elements
  • Be concise and remove buzzwords/big words
  • Remove any unnecessary steps in the application process
  • Run surveys with your current employees, see what they love about your website and what they hate and then act on the results
  • Create CTAs in button form if they aren’t currently
  • Try using a single CTA (APPLY NOW) in each web page


Successfully getting a candidate through the entire application process shouldn’t take more than 90 seconds, this is especially true for passive clients. We recently ran some tests and discovered that the longer the application process, the higher the bounce rate.


Remove unnecessary steps – The more steps or fields your application process has, the greater risk of losing passive, high-quality talent. Here’s four tips to help lower your application bounce rate:

  • Don’t have the job description page open to another page, keep the entire process consistent on a single page
  • Go through your own application process. If you get fatigued, frustrated or distracted, assume your candidates are as well
  • Make the entire experience clean, with a consistent (branded) view


Glassdoor, Careerbuilder, Zip recruiter, Google Jobs – what do these partner content networks all have in common? They help candidates find your job posting. To get the most out of these networks, try out these tips:
LinkedIn, Career Builder, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Monster logos

  • Paid, free and everything in between! – Leverage as many of the job networks as you can to start.
  • Analyze the data – Which partner networks work the best? Where should you spend your marketing dollars? This is where analytics becomes extremely helpful to accurately determine which marketing outlets have the best results. Your ATS and CRM system should allow you to post job descriptions across all the major social/partner platforms simultaneously while also providing game-changing analytics. Check with your staffing technology provider today if this is something they offer.
  • Share jobs socially – Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are essentially additional landing pages for your job posting where you get to control the narrative and experience. Additionally, simply having the ability to share a job description socially offers increased exposure. Consider the following situation:

A Software Engineer is passively looking for a new opportunity and runs across your Software Engineer position. After reading the description, he decides it’s not the right fit. However, having spent his entire career in technology, he knows of friends and colleagues who may be interested. With one click of a social share button, the candidate can instantly share it to their social network or privately send the link via smartphone to their friend(s).

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What job descriptions work the best at attracting the right talent? It’s hard to be sure without testing first! A/B tests can be done manually but it’s often very difficult to accurately test.

If you’re using a CRM/ATS, double check or ask if it’s equipped with any A/B test capabilities.


Take a video of yourself explaining the job description and why a candidate would love the job. Video offers more of a human touch and what we’re finding is that it actually boosts the conversion rate compared to a text job description. The video doesn’t need to be professionally done, a web cam recorder or smartphone will work perfectly!

Pro tip: To give your job descriptions the greatest chance of success, include both the text and video portions since many partner content networks might not have the capabilities to host your video job descriptions so it’s a safe bet to have the content text available.

Screenshot of a sample video job description

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