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Unemployment Tracker


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Integration Overview

Unemployment Tracker helps staffing companies track, handle, and fight unemployment claims, allowing their team to focus their time, money, and resources not on employees of yesterday – but on the team they have today and the one they are building for tomorrow.

The Key Benefits

  • Ease administrative burden of receiving and responding to State UI request.
  • Reduce unemployment liability directly effecting your SUTA rate.
  • Capture and get back credits on all UI Over Charges (13% on average state benefit error rate)
  • Easily identify employees who filed claims to get them back to work.
  • Visibility of your unemployment liabilities all the way down to branches, clients, and even recruiter level.
  • Stay 100% Compliant with UI Integrity Act | Full transparency
  • The Avionte integration sends data to Unemployment Tracker to reduce your administrative burden even more.
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