The Company

Systematix is a privately held company that has been in business since 1975, offering information technology and business consulting services. They provide expertise and talent throughout Canada, implementing solutions and contributing to the success of your business and your projects. At Systematix, their philosophy is based on three principles: experience, expertise and commitment. Their people are highly skilled, but what distinguishes them from the rest are their values of accessibility, being local and trust.

The Challenge

Systematix was using a legacy system that was not in the cloud, and also lacked the back office functionality they desired. They had users using Mac’s which were not supported and the old system required them to use tactics that were not time efficient. The Director of Delivery Architecture, Henk Oudman, said “Our system was not a SAAS application nor was it supported in a Mac environment which caused some very awkward workaround’s.” Systematix also needed a full back office piece that would allow for an easy timesheet portal providing their consultants the ability to log time, while providing managers the ability to view and approve.

The Result

The selection of Avionté has provided Systematix with a very easy to use front and back office platform. Since the Avionté’s UI and UX are simple to navigate, the training and transition process was smooth. All of the users were able to work throughout the application due to workflows being consistent and configurable to their organizational needs. Systematix has also taken full advantage of the frequent release cycles Avionté maintains. Real-time updates along with the cross-browser and cross-device compatibility have allowed Sytematix to focus on taking their business to the next level. “Now that we’re on Avionté, all of those lingering issues of old are gone. Additionally, the team at Avionté provides excellent support and engages with us to learn better ways to enhance their applications.”

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