As local, state, and federal requirements related to COVID-19 safety in the workplace continue to evolve, Avionté is working diligently to ensure that staffing agencies have the tools they need to keep their talent deployed and working.

From providing the most relevant information and understanding what tools are available to help, we are focused on putting our clients’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.

This page will be updated to provide the latest news and resources related to COVID-19 for staffing agencies.

Technology for Staffing Agencies During COVID

COVID-19 Vaccine Status and Weekly Test Tracking

Avionté understands that staffing agencies need an effective tool for tracking COVID vaccine status and weekly testing results. Many businesses and local governments have already instated COVID vaccine and test tracking requirements.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s stay on OSHA’s ETS did not prohibit COVID tracking, vaccination, and testing requirements for employment. Some form of COVID tracking is already required for many employers—with or without federal mandates. For that reason, we designed Avionté 24/7 READY to allow staffing agencies to create and implement unique COVID policies to serve the specific needs of individual clients, worksite by worksite.

Avionté 24/7 READY
24/7 READY is one of the only mobile solutions built for the staffing industry to comply with COVID-19 vaccine status and test verification requirements for multiple clients with different workflows. READY leverages the AviontéBOLD system of record and Avionté’s 24/7 mobile app.

For our existing AviontéCLASSIC customers, a new built-in feature for tracking vaccine status and COVID-19 weekly test results is available. Reach out to Avionté to learn more about how this feature can help your agency meet vaccine status and test tracking requirements.

Video Interviewing

Two-way video interviewing to improve your screening process, reduce the costs of filling key positions and increase hire quality. This is more than a group video call. This feature will help speed-up and improve your hiring process.

Digital Onboarding

Paperless mobile onboarding improves the candidate experience and accelerates productivity for new hires and recruiters. Talent can complete all onboarding paperwork from anywhere, any device.

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