Things I Discovered, that Have Nothing to Do with Staffing Software

by Briana Morgan

We had a great time at the Avionté Staffing Software Client Connection Forum, and have heard tons of great feedback from our clients!  It was informational, beneficial and most importantly, they all walked away learning more about Avionté and our staff.  Over the 3 days the conference was held, I had the opportunity to meet many great people, who shared with me some things in return as well.  Here are just a couple of the most memorable. 


    • There are creative ways to shower outside if your plumbing goes out.


    • Believe it or not, there are Viking fans outside of Minnesota!


    • Hot sauce is a collector’s item



    • You may want to bring an alarm clock, even if you never regularly use one.


    • A Ghost is a great high-school mascot


    • 3rd party vendor give-a-ways make great gifts for your children!


    • Down south, flowers once a week is an expected tradition


    • Wisconsin cheese curds are assumed to be just a myth by many!


John and Brenda stopped by the coffee shop on their way through D0or County, WI the following week.  Owned by the daughter of Ann Janquart from Opportunites Inc.


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