Our Clients…Our Friends

by John Long


On August 11-13th, Avionte had our first ever Client Connection Forum.   

We called it that because we intended it to be a whole lot more than just a User Group meeting. 
To us, we had a couple simple goals:  

  • Listen to our clients
  • Build relationships
  • Help clients gain a greater understanding of Avionté and how they can apply the tools to their businesses.

As our first forum in a poor economy, we were expecting a low number of attendees.   As the registrations continued to climb, our final count was close to 50!  However, numbers alone wouldn’t begin to describe the success of this Forum.  Even now, over 2 weeks later, I’m still humbled and honored to have such a great group of customers and frankly put, friends. 

Top 5 things that I got out of our Forum: 

  1.  What a great group of customers and friends we have.  The talent and knowledge level represented was staggering. 
  2. Always, always, always listen to your customers about what they need.  Don’t just assume.
  3. Our clients are just as interested in each other, as they are in us.   One of the biggest feedbacks about the forum was to have more breakout sessions that featured smaller groups for the staffing individuals to interact.
  4. More training – people wanted more staffing software training in all areas.
  5. More time with the entire Avionte staff.  Our staff works very closely with each of our clients, so giving them the opportunity to get to know each other and put a face with the voice was a big hit.

Overall, this forum was simply amazing.  Everyone walking out of there (both us and our customers) were blown away and looking forward t next year!

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