Challenge: Driving Data-Driven Decisions

Driving data-driven decisions (try saying that 5X fast) is something every staffing firm strives for, but few are able to achieve at scale. More often than not, the data exists, it’s just challenging to find, interpret and implement it in a meaningful way.

Current State:

Data is literally everywhere in the staffing and recruiting industry. Just imagine all the terabytes of candidate information living in the average Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) or Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software.

When you factor in additional data points from web metrics, 3rd party social sharing sites (Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, etc.), general data and more, it can be overwhelming.

With so much data, how does the lone staffing firm collect it and then analyze it in a way that drives impactful business decisions?

Graphic the says, "66% of business leaders say an integrated business intelligence platform creates significant competitive advantage"

How AviontéBOLD can simplify and solve the challenge of driving data-driven decisions:

In a nutshell, Avionté helps staffing firms collect, aggregate and analyze pertinent data that helps them:

  • Determine which job opportunities are worth perusing
  • Find where candidates are dropping off in the onboarding process
  • Discover which recruiters are having the biggest impact to the business
  • Predict sales trends
  • Precisely determine which 3rd party social sharing sites they should spend their marketing dollars on

Listed below is a quick break-down of how Avionté enables data-driven decisions with its break-through Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

Uncovering Lucrative Job Opportunities

How does one determine whether a job order will be profitable or not? The answer is data!

Avionté delivers real-time analytics that uncovers the jobs with the highest gross profit opportunities, allowing staffing firms to accurately distribute resources to the jobs and customers that yield a higher gross profit – ultimately increasing profits per job filled.

Screenshot of the gross profitability report from Avionte's Analyze tool

Identifying Where Candidates Are Dropping Off During the Onboarding Process

There are few things worse in staffing than having a candidate “ghost” you. Wouldn’t it be nice to determine which factors or processes cause a candidate to drop off completely? Avionté provides visibility into where candidates are during the onboarding process and where/when they drop off. Whether it’s during the application phase or interview process, having the knowledge of which touch points cause ghosting can help dramatically reduce the chance of it occurring again, driving profitability and building better relationships.

Screenshot of a report from Avionte's software

Discover Which Recruiters are Having the Biggest Impact to the Business

Which recruiters are having the most success? Which recruiters have the shortest time to hire? Avionté uses a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like time to hire, acceptance rate, interview submission rate and much more to accurately give managers a clear picture of the health of their recruiters, sales professionals and more!

Predict Sales Trends

Accurately predicting sales trends is important for many reasons but perhaps the biggest benefit is that it allows staffing firms to better plan for the future. Staffing firms equipped with an accurate forecast of how many job orders will take place each month will have a better chance of success. Avionté solves this by identifying future opportunities so that firms can have the resources available to efficiently support every job order. The BI Solution from Avionté helps staffing leaders build, share and automate the distribution of any analytics to anyone within the organization – ensuring full transparency and focus on performance.

Screenshot of the Forecast report from Avionte

Which 3rd Party Sources to Spend Marketing Dollars On

There’s a variety of 3rd party candidate sources like LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, etc. that serve as wonderful channels to boost awareness for jobs but it’s often difficult to correctly determine which of these sources bring the most business. Avionté helps staffing firms precisely determine which sources they should spend their marketing dollars on by using industry-leading source referral tracking. With one report, staffing leaders can see which sources are worth spending money on and which ones don’t provide any ROI.

Screenshot of the web applicant source portal on Avionte


While it’s no secret that driving data-driven decisions is a huge challenge for the industry, it’s our genuine passion and top priority to ensure staffing professionals are equipped with the right technology to solve challenges with confidence.  

Empowering employment is our company mission. Everything we make is designed to help staffing firms put the nation to work. If you’d like a deeper dive into our software, schedule a complimentary demonstration to see it in action!  

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