If you’ve reached this page then you’re probably getting ready for a Video Interview. Please review the Tips & Requirements below.

Which Browsers are Supported:

  • Google Chrome latest release version (recommended for best quality)
  • Google Chrome for Android (latest release version)
  • Firefox (latest release version)
  • Firefox for Android (latest release version)
  • Opera (latest release version)

To-Do’s to Prepare for the Call:

  • Please ensure your computer’s webcam and microphone drivers are working properly.
  • To reduce echo created from your microphone, and to improve overall sound quality, we recommend using a headset.

Internet Connectivity Required:

  • To participate in a video interview, you’ll need to have sufficient internet bandwidth.
  • We recommend a minimum of 350kb/s down per downloaded stream, as well as 350kb/s per uploaded stream.
  • Note: since the video bitrate is adjusted based on available bandwidth, the faster and more stable a user’s broadband connection is, the better the video quality they will receive.
  • You can use this site https://www.speedtest.net to measure your bandwidth quality.

Do I Need to Install Anything?

  • No, you should only need a computer with a camera and a microphone.
  • Internet Access is required as well.
  • Remember, you’ll need to provide permission to the browser when you join the meeting.

When I join the Meeting, What Should I Expect?

  • At the time your meeting is scheduled, please click on the link that was provided.
  • You’ll be directed to an entry page where you will enter your name. Once complete, click “Get Started.”
  • After you enter the meeting room, be sure to allow camera and microphone for your browser.