Business Intelligence

Next Generation Business Intelligence

Make better decisions by combining front office, back office, and talent data to analyze the performance of your business – in real time.

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Business intelligence for staffing software

Knowledge Is Power

Make Strategic Decisions Faster

Compile and analyze financials and operational data to uncover insights and new business opportunities.

Drive Profitability & Growth

Optimize workflows and processes while reducing costs to better compete in a rapidly evolving market.

Prepare for the Future

Implement flexible data management processes that can evolve to meet ever-changing business demands.

Make strategic decisions with business intelligence for staffing software
Business intelligence for staffing software data analytics reports
Dashboards and reports business intelligence for staffing software
Dashboards for analytics reports staffing software
One system of record for better data analytics and reports
Business intelligence reports and dashboards

Download and export data reports

Optimize Your Business

End-to-End Insights

Drive meaningful change and make more strategically sound decisions with a true end-to-end overview of all front office, back office, and talent data.

Analyze gross profits, monitor the cost of talent acquisition, track talent progression through all stages of recruitment, manage pay rate to bill rate ratios, and more.

Store and process data quickly without sacrificing performance or security with a highly specialized, scalable data lake.

Highly-specialized data architecture offers speed and scale.

Provide transparency and drive better, faster decisions with interactive and customizable dashboards that focus on high-impact data.

Transform complex data into easy-to-understand insights with highly-visual dashboards and reports.

Improve workflow efficiency and companywide communication with easy-to-use dashboards and reporting software

Keep everyone aligned with easy, secure, sharing of dashboards and reports online or via email or print.

Your Single Source of Truth for Activity Management, KPIs and Much More

Business intelligence for staffing software

Future-Minded Business Intelligence

Make stronger, more strategic decisions with a detailed end-to-end view of your business – it’s unmatched business intelligence powered by best-in-class technology.

Reporting and forecasting dashboards for staffing firms

Comprehensive Reporting and Forecasting

Streamline data-driven decision making, predict trends, and analyze performance with over 150 standard reports and personalized staffing dashboards.

“Phillips Staffing has always had a positive experience with Avionté. Anytime we have an issue or question, our rep is quick to respond and goes above and beyond for us.  For 6 years, Avionté has helped our business run smoothly and given us a competitive edge.”

S. Berger

Phillips Staffing

The One and Only Fully Integrated Staffing Platform

For competitive advantage and long term success


Staffing gets scalable technology, automated end-to-end workflows, and powerful Business Intelligence Tools.


Talent has a convenient, user-friendly mobile app that empowers them at every step of the work experience.


Recruiter and sales team workflows are aligned and seamlessly coordinated from a single source of truth. Ultra-modern ATS provides best-in-class talent search, communications, and video interviewing.


Front-Office data flows downstream to a complete Payroll/Billing Solution designed for staffing. Time & Expense, Custom Invoicing, Year-End Reporting & Tax Filing, and Compliance are core features.

Business Intelligence

The BI tool employs a snowflake data scheme to combine sales, talent, invoicing, and pay data into a single 360 view of the enterprise, with the ability to drill down by recruiter, location, or industry.


A complete pay card solution is fully integrated into the platform to support a wide range of automated pay and expense reimbursement processes to employees.


APIs and Avionté pre-certified third-party software integrations permit customers to create highly customized workflows while preserving a consistent user interface and a single system of record.


With a single click, talent can automatically download and log in to a mobile talent app that allows them to review and apply for positions directly from the convenience of their smart phone.


Candidates can immediately determine next steps, enter pre-screening information through a natural language chatbot, and schedule an interview with a live recruiter—all at their convenience.


The Avionté Pixel chatbot integrates critical workflows between the talent mobile device and the staffing platform, to support all candidate interactions from Apply and Interview, to Onboarding, Scheduling, and Electronic Pay Statements.


Our Workforce Management and scheduling tool allows employers to push work opportunities out to pre-qualified candidates, empowering them to choose the job roles, time slots, and work locations that best fit their personal schedule.

Track Time

Mobile time keeping with geo-fencing is built directly into the mobile app. Talent clocks in as they show up at work.


Workers have direct access to an electronic copy of their pay stub, along with access to all critical year end tax documents.


Relevant job opportunities can be pushed out to talent prior to completion of a work assignment, giving them a convenient opportunity to immediately take on a new work opportunity.


Employer prefers to work with staffing agencies that deploy cutting edge technology to recruit and retain loyal talent. Key benefits include faster time to fill, more reliable talent, and traceability from initial sale to final invoice.

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